Hand-blown Glassware by Blenko Glass

DaisyBowlsEtc.JPG Daisy Bowls, Water Bottles and Creature Paperweights 

Glass works by Master Glass Artist Ron Hinkle

HinklesSpring2014.jpgTop row: Hand-blown Glass Kisses, Birds, Mushrooms, Liqueur/Shot Glasses, and Child's Vases; bottom row: Candy Dishes, Pigs, and the new "Time Warp Tumblers"

The Water Bottle by Blenko

Available in a variety of colors & patterns

Stained Glass Panels made with genuine Blenko stained glass!


Shown with Blenko "Bravo" vase, Kiwi flower bowl and Ron Hinkle "Tropical Island" designer vase

Fused Glass by Tom Milne

GlassFlowers15.jpgWhimsical Glass Flower Suncatchers

NewButterflies15.jpgHandcrafted Butterfly Suncatchers with dichroic glass wings